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INDEXThis journal has been created for the purpose of publishing articles in support of individual freeborn rights (organic rights) that were championed by John Lilburne, and in more recent times by the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black. It is that same thread which leads from the period of the English Civil Wars into the constitutional founding of the USA, that this journal is tracking, with contemporary notations woven into the storyline. Its theme is based upon the absolute equality of individual freeborn rights being the starting point for all born human beings, and it contests the idea that some human beings believe that they have a 'right' to impose 'duties' upon other human beings, without the expressed, contractual and written permission of those individuals.

The idea of such an imposition runs counter to the natural equality of individual freeborn rights, but this misnomer is often expressed by politicians as being a combination of 'rights and duties' in nations lacking a written constitution authored by, and ratified by, 'The People' of that nation. For this reason the JLRI and this Journal stress that the foundation of all political entities must be constitutions written by, and ratified by, all of the freeborn individuals which any political entity seeks to govern. This natural understanding is the difference between the artificial imposition of any theological or economic basis for the establishment of any political society identified as a nation state.

If you wish to contest the factual basis for any of the views expressed in this journal, please use the contact link above stating your name, basis for your alternative viewpoint and any credentials that you may wish to offer in support of your position. Please advise whether you give permission for your views to be reproduced in this i2y2 Journal.

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